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TM is universal; that is, if you are a lefty or righty...Democrat or 

Republican...communist or capitalist...apolitical or political...TM 

works for you and it will MAKE you a better communist or capitalist 

or whatever it is that you are.

This universality must, by definition, be reflected in the 

organisation that takes upon itself the responibility of propagating 

this all-important knowledge.  This is so because for the 

organisation to "take sides" or become partisan in a particular 

philosophy or political bent would mean that those on the other side 

of the issue would feel that this program was not for them or would 

be less inclined to participate or start the program.

That is why I am distressed that MMY started about 10 years ago to 

take partisan sides on issues.  It is, to me, a betrayal of that 

most important tenet of TM: its universality.

Also of interest to note: back in the '70s and '80s the two 

countries that had the highest initiation rates and, correct me if 

I'm wrong, the two highest rates of percentage of the population 

meditating were: The USA and Israel.

Interesting that these two meditating behemoths are on the receiving 

end of MMY's ire.  Israelis are "murderers" and the USA is 

responsible for all that is wrong in the world.

I think if you can break for a moment from your TM mindset and really look into it, you'll see that Mahesh is and has always supported a fundamentalist Hindu agenda--and the Indian political parties which support this agenda. The interesting thing is that which is so "right" in traditional Hinduism is very "left" in most western societies. Thus it's not surprising we often see the most TB, radical pro-TMers are also hardcore green-meme leftists (in the western sense). If you look even further, you will see that Guru Dev, Swami Karpatri (the dude who declined the Shank. and recommended SBS in his stead) and the Shanks. in general all support a fundamentalist Hindu agenda, often while simultaneously espousing a Smarta universalism.

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