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> >I've never heard of our government charging for these  kinds of 
> >evacuations before. I'd rather my tax money go to that than  
wasted in 
> >Iraq.
> >
> >
> >Smile, you're getting  both!:)
> >
> There's a bill being pushed through to cover the  evacuations and 
> Halliburton licking it's  chops.

> There you go! Haliburton caused the war in Israel so they  could 
make money 
> off the evacuation of Americans from  Lebanon.>>

You just don't get it MDIXON. 
It is because money is being made that these things are not dealt 
with ahead of time. It is not always a conscious decision but the 
results are the same because no-one is hurting in the Bush family, 
Cheney, Haliburton, and redneck Americans in general. And in Bush, 
Cheney, Haliburton, there is not only no hurting as a result of 
their ignorant actions, but they actually are indirectly rewarded 
for it. They are stroked like a dog for it by the benefits they get. 
This is the way redneck humans (closer to animals) work. "If it 
hurst me, do something differently, but if I feel good, then keep 
acting like an ignorant redneck". Works great...for a while.

However, in Cheney and Haliburtons case it may be deliberate. 
And Bush is now trying to act like a liberal because he is hurting 
badly. Look at all those lines on his forehead. Going to the NAACP 
for the first time, holding hands with German chancellor, realising 
that his "cakewalk" in Iraq is a quagmire, and promoting alternative 
energy, is a little too late I'm afraid. Even redenck republicans 
will become nauseated by this pathetic acting...like a little boy 
that realises you can't throw matches into a gas can...it kills.


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