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> > > http://www.cultnews.com/?p=2101
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> > LOL. Rick's his usual smartass self, but he does 
> > make a good case in the last sentence:
> > 
> > "At thirty bucks a day the guru's billions could 
> > fund a virtual wave of "yogic flyers" to cover 
> > the earth, but something tells me that if Maharishi 
> > had to personally pay for his peace plan the guru's 
> > spiritual air force would be grounded."
> > 
> > If, as was suggested here, the price is "low" 
> > because he's so concerned, why isn't he concerned
> > enough to offer the course for free, and in fact
> > compensate the people who have to leave their jobs
> > to participate?
> > 
> > I guess he isn't *that* concerned...
> >
> To have the guru, any guru, pay for the course would be contrary to 
> the natural order of things. The course is specifically for the 
> seeker. To gain reward from the course, the seeker must pay 
> something. It is just the way it is, and non-specific to TM or MMY 
> or any other valid method of spiritual instruction.

There's also the old thing about how paying for something makes it more 
important. If 
they offered it for free, instead of at cost, they'ed run the risk of people 
looking for a paid 
vacation who wouldn't bother participating in the Yogic Flying.

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