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> > And what do you say to this quote from Larry
> > Domash's introductory essay to the first volume
> > of the Collected Papers?
> You didn't ask me, but reading it, it honestly
> sounds made up to me. In fourteen years, I never
> heard Maharishi talk this way, or even close.

Er, well, presumably it would be Domash putting what
MMY told him into his own words, so if he did get it
from MMY, it's not really surprising that it wouldn't
sound like him.

> I've never heard anything even remotely like this.
> I think Domash just came up with something that
> he thought was true, and wrote it down. 

Could be.  However...

> Unlike you, I don't believe that Maharishi reads
> all the stuff that goes into the books. I've seen
> otherwise. If he read this, he probably thought,
> "Well, this sounds as good as anything else" and
> let it slide. But it doesn't strike me as having
> come from anything he actually said.

...given his insistence on giving Guru Dev credit
for (almost) everything, I kinda doubt that he would
have let pass something that made it clear he had
come up with the technique and not Guru Dev, if that
had not been the case.

But Domash's account does raise more questions than
it answers.  If, as Domash says, it *did* become clear
to MMY "that the common idea of what meditation was
supposed to be was in fact a complete distortion of
the original meaning of the ancient procedure," then--
as Robert just asked--what *was* Guru Dev teaching?

If Guru Dev was encouraging MMY in his exploration and 
experimentation, did that mean he thought MMY was on to
something he, Guru Dev, hadn't figured out?  Was Guru
Dev teaching the distorted version?

It's not even completely clear from the essay *when*
MMY came up with the technique, before or after Guru
Dev's death.

There's a lot more to the account than what I quoted;
if anyone is interested, the first half of Domash's
essay can be found here:


(After the account of TM's development, the rest of
the first half, as well as the second half--which was
never posted--goes into the history of the movement
and then gets into the scientific stuff.)

Regardless of the authenticity of what he says about
how TM came to be, Domash's description of how it
works is extraordinarily clear.  It's worth a read
just from that perspective.

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