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*Mahesh* = Lord Shiva

Lord Indra, also called *Bhogi*, the God of thunder and rain.


Perhaps you should just refer to Maharishi as His Holiness as you do 

the Dalai Lama, since you are using equivalent terms anyway. Or 

continue to refer to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as Lord Shiva or Lord 

Indra. Your choice...

In the case of the Dalai Lama, this name is conferred based on accomplishment and conferred by living Buddhas. It has a specific meaning.

In the case of Mahesh, "Maharishi" is an assumed name, as is "yogi". These were never conferred by the Shankaracharya tradition he originally came from, nor are they indicative of accomplishment. Since SBS and current Shankaracharyas refer to him as "Mahesh", it is probably respectful to the tradition to follow this tradition (rather than the spin).

-Mahavaj Yogi


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