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> > You know what they say about doing the same thing and expecting
> > different results as the definition for insanity? At this stage 
> > it is my own disorder I am concerned with!  The cautionary tale 
> > of the frog and the scorpion is one of my favorites and I 
> > appreciate your reminding me of it.  My dad fought on Quam in 
> > WWII, so I have the stories of the hell that it became.  
> I think it's a very *appropriate* cautionary tale. Many
> people came to Guam (Fairfield Life) because they thought
> it would be a "safe place" where they could actually express 
> their ambivalent feelings about TM and Maharishi and the
> TMO. They'd suffered for years in an environment where
> expressing doubts, much less conclusions that were Off
> The Program were met first with stony silence, then with
> censure, and finally with being shown to the door.
> So they came here, to FFL, and they read the opening page,
> which states very clearly that this is a place that BY
> DEFINITION is an environment in which it is permitted
> to question everything we've been told to believe.

Funny, I haven't seen anything on the opening page
about it not being permitted to question negative views
of MMY/the TMO/TMers.  Apparently Barry believes that's
how it should be, though.

> it *was* that kind of environment for a long time.

Yup, there was never any questioning of negative
views of TM before I got here, right, Barry?

> then I had to fuck it up by mentioning it on a.m.t., and
> presto -- like magic -- the person who almost single-
> handedly turned that newsgroup into a War Zone

Most of the rest of this post is Barry's usual fantasies--
er, opinions--but this part is an out-and-out lie; Barry
*knows* it isn't true.  alt.m.t was a War zone well before
I got there.  Since I got there, Barry has been one of the
prime instigators and perpetuaters of the wars.

> zooming over to Fairfield Life and starts trying to do 
> the same thing here.
> Have you *looked* at alt.meditation.transcendental lately?
> Even *Judy* hasn't bothered to post there for over two
> weeks. It's now a wasteland, full of pretty much nothing
> but politics and personal squabbles and name-calling. Does
> that sound familiar, you who have complained lately about
> what FFL has mysteriously turned into?

Anybody wonder whether *Barry's* presence here has
had anything to do with whatever FFL has "turned into"?

> Well, in my opinion there is a reason. And that reason
> is the current subject of discussion -- a person whose
> goal, in my honest opinion, is to *destroy* environments
> in which people can freely challenge the myths of TM and
> the TMO and Maharishi, to bring them down to her level,
> the level of endless argumentation and name-calling. She
> did it to a.m.t., and she's well on her way to having
> done it to Fairfield Life.
> Judy will probably trot out her favorite word, Liar! (do 
> a search on Google Groups and I think you'll find that 
> Judy has used that word more than any other poster in
> its history), but I'm not lying. This is what I honestly
> believe is her intent.

No, this is just another of Barry's many fantasies.
> I don't, however, think that she KNOWS that it's her
> intent. I have never in my life met a person who is more
> unaware of her own motivations and is more in denial about 
> them than Judy Stein.

ROTFL!!  Barry Wright, Master of Projection.

 She *has* to believe that people are
> LYING about her when they say things about her like I
> am saying now.

Well, er, no, only when they say things about her
that they know aren't true.

> The only other alternative is to consider,
> even for a moment, that there might be some truth in 
> them. And I think that anyone who has been paying atten-
> tion to her posts since she arrived here has figured out
> that this is never going to happen. Never.

Wrong again.  You see, to have considered whether
there might be some truth to something advocated by
Barry, and decide there wasn't, in Barry's mind is
the same as never having considered it at all.

> Judy is OUTRAGED that there is a place where people can
> express their ambivalent feelings about TM honestly,
> without being *punished* for expressing them.


> about it -- what is it that she consistently berates
> people here for not doing? They don't CONFESS to the
> "sins" she brands them with, that's what.

...and wrong again...

 She sees herself
> as the unofficial enforcer of The Truth, the person who
> has to expose the "sins" she seems to see everywhere here,
> and badger the "sinners" until they CONFESS their sins
> publicly. 

...and wrong again.

Anybody who's been paying attention knows that I
don't comment on the vast majority of the negative
criticisms here of TM/MMY/the TMO.  I've made some
of them myself, in fact.
> I wrote not long ago quoting passages from a book written
> by Bernardo Gui on how to be an Inquisitor. Judy follows
> the training manual he wrote for the Inquisition centuries 
> ago *to the letter*. It could be her Handbook.
> She talks a lot about respect. Well, I respect those here
> who remember what this place is, and what it was created
> to be. And I respect those who stand up to this wrinkled
> old bully when she tries to make it something else.

Have I mentioned lately that Barry is both sexist and

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