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> But those big courses are fun. I was at Amherst in '79
> and then at MIU for the winter one (was that 84 or
> 85). Both were really amazing. I don't know if our
> collective consciousness actually does anything, but
> the subjective experiences are incredible when you
> have large numbers doing program together.

Part of Fred Travis's PhD thesis was looking at interpersonal EEG coherence. He 
gave up on 
trying to replicate his study, I think. His recent discovery that there is an 
average "ceiling 
effect" on EEG coherence during TM practice after only a few months of practice 
may explain 
why its hard to replicate. However, I ran accross mention of an "instantaneous" 
EEG algorithm that I passed on to him recently. It's conceivable that while EEG 
averaged over 40 second intervals maxes out after ony a few months of practice, 
the coherence in much smaller intervals might allow him to reopen the 
investigation into 
inter-personal coherence. If he can do THAT, then he's well on the way to 
finding reliable 
evidence for the Maharishi Effect within a labratory setting.  

That means cheaply and with potential for replication by non-TMing researchers, 
in case you 
were wondering...

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