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> > This is humeristic column, bob, but it seems that you missed 
> > point, why I'm not surprised ?
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> > cut and and paste and put things out of context seems to be the
> > tactic for you.
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> > > "Listen to how Joshua and Caleb describe the inhabitants of 
> Canaan—
> > the 
> > > people who rightfully possess the land the Israelites want to 
> > > seize: "Have no fear then of the people of the country, for 
> > are 
> > > our prey" (my italics). "Prey"—that's a breathtaking and 
> sinister 
> > > word! Again we're reminded that the Torah is not aspiring to 
> a 
> > book 
> > > for everyone. It is not preaching universal truth for all men. 
> It 
> > is 
> > > the work of a single tribe at war with everyone around it. 
> > > enemies were not human: They were prey."
> > > 
> > > http://www.slate.com/id/2146473/entry/2146669/?nav=tap3
> Hi Larry,
> After reading Bob's insights about Israel, the Bible,and the Jews, 
> thought I'd share an article written by Dennis Prager. He 
> how many Jews would react to Bob's apparent beliefs. Great timing 
> Bob, I'm sure the Seattle Jewish Community will be thrilled to 
> your in-depth analysis of the value of the old testament to 
> Bob, do us a favor and stick to something you know about- Bevan:
> On Jan. 21 in Paris, a gang of Muslims intent on kidnapping Jews 
> kidnapped 23-year-old Ilan Halimi. Reciting verses from the Koran 
> phone conversations demanding money from the family, they 
> rejected the money and tortured Halimi to death. They kept him 
> for weeks while they cut him up and finally poured flammable 
> over his skin and burned him alive. 
> When Jews read this story, they see themselves as Halimi and think 
> that such a thing could happen to them somewhere in the world 
> and somewhere in the world at any time in the past. 
> If you want to understand how Jews think and behave, you must 
> understand how large antisemitism and the Holocaust loom in the 
> psyche, emotions and minds of the vast majority of Jews. 
> It could not be otherwise. 
> While ethnic, racial, religious and national hatreds are as old as 
> mankind, none has been as universal and as deep as hatred of Jews. 
> Jew-hatred was given the name "anti-Semitism" only in 1879 by a 
> German anti-Semite named Wilhelm Marr. The term is entirely 
> misleading since it has nothing to do with "Semites." Jews may be 
> Semites, but so are Arabs, and antisemitism never meant hatred of 
> Arabs, only of Jews. 
> Jew-hatred or antisemitism has been so deep that tens of millions 
> people have equated the Jews with the devil and many more have 
> desired that the Jews be erased from the Earth. Such an attempt 
> made only one generation ago in what is called the Holocaust (or 
> Shoah, the Hebrew term). This was the German Nazi attempt to 
> every Jewish man, woman and child, which resulted in the murder of 
> two out of every three Jews in Europe. 
> To give an idea of how many Jews have been murdered for being 
> all one needs to do is look at population statistics. Scholars 
> estimate the population of the Roman Empire at about 60 million at 
> the time of Jesus. According to the dean of Jewish historians, 
> Professor Salo Baron, at that time Jews comprised about 10 percent 
> of the population. That means that 2,000 years ago there were 
> 6 million Jews. It is also estimated that at that time, the 
> population was about 200 million. 
> Today the world's population is over 6 billion. While the world's 
> population is about 30 times larger than 2,000 years ago, the 
> population has barely doubled. Had Jews been left alone to 
> at the same rate as others, there would be about 180 million Jews 
> the world today. Moreover, even the 6 million number for the Roman 
> empire represented a huge loss of population due to extensive 
> killing of Jews in the 12 centuries from their inception. 
> It is true that Jewish population losses have been also due to 
> assimilation, but this assimilation was itself overwhelmingly a 
> result of persecution -- forced conversions, desire to lead a far 
> safer life as part of the majority culture, etc. In fact, because 
> the Holocaust, there are fewer Jews today than there were 100 
> ago. 
> One can now understand why the Passover Haggadah -- the special 
> prayer book for the Passover Seder meal, first written about 2,000 
> years ago -- contains this famous statement: "In every generation 
> there are those who rise against us to annihilate us . . . " 
> As a result, Jews are probably the most insecure group in the 
> This may come as a surprise to most non-Jews since Jews are widely 
> regarded as particularly powerful. But Jews' power and Jews' 
> insecurity are not mutually contradictory. In fact, Jews' power 
> derives in large measure from their insecurity. The stronger the 
> Jews' influence, Jews believe, the less likely they are to be hurt 
> again. 
> Fear of being hurt again is the major reason most identifying Jews 
> are so protective of Israel. First, they fear that without Israel, 
> Jews are far more vulnerable to another outburst of antisemitic 
> violence. And this has been true. Israel, for example, was Soviet 
> Jewry's great defender (along with America and Diaspora Jewry) and 
> the place to escape to. Only a very strong Israel, Jews believe, 
> prevent another Holocaust. Second, Jews believe that Arabs and 
> Muslims want to do to Israel and its Jewish inhabitants what the 
> Nazis did to the Jews. And given the Palestinians' desire to 
> Israel, the Iranian regime's repeated calls for the annihilation 
> Israel, and the number of Muslims who chant, "Death to Israel," 
> fear is entirely warranted. 
> Fear of being persecuted and even murdered solely for being a Jew 
> resides in just about every Jew's psyche. It helps to explain 
> preoccupation with Israel; Jews' preoccupation with teaching the 
> world about the Holocaust; Jews' fear of Christianity -- most Jews 
> are taught about European Christian antisemitism at a very young 
> and link Christianity to the Holocaust; and even Jews' near-
> religious commitment to liberalism, which most Jews see as the 
> guarantor against antisemitism. An increasing number of Jews are 
> rethinking the latter two conclusions as a result of Christian 
> treatment of Jews in America and Christian support for Israel and 
> because of the lack of such support on the Left. But whatever 
> position on these matters, the fact remains that fear of pogroms, 
> torture, expulsions and mass murder shapes most Jews' psyches and 
> politics. 
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