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>I just got done reading a condensed version of the Mahabharata 
> contains a short version of all the stories from the full version.  
> What's striking about every story is how aggressive Krishna is in  
> demanding that that the five Pandava brothers including Arjuna 
> their relatives even though they all protested. Krishna never even  
> hinted at negotiations, reconciliations or truces. He insisted 
> they be killed. Many of the stories describe Krishna killing,  
> beheading bad guys, demons, rakshasas.  
 Amazing isn't it.

In the 'Essene Gospels'; which I've read;
Talks about the Jesus of the Essenes;
The Essenes were a tribe that lived in the desert;
And Jesus was supposed to have been born into this tribe.
Now, it talks about Jesus bring the sick to a pure place;
In the desert; and there the pure forces of nature would purify,
The person, and also, there would be 'exorcisms',
That is Jesus would 'command' that a lower vibrational, entity;
Leave the person effected;
And he had wanted his disciples to do the same;
It was said that Jesus was frustrated with his disciples(I suppose 
like all the teachers have been, including Maharishi),
That the disciples, just didn't get it.
They weren't able to progress as far as Jesus thought they should,
And he was dissappointed with them; as far as performing the 
miracles, and as far as doing these 'exorcisms'...

There were also, days, for the 'Angel of Water; Angel of Air; Angel 
of Light; and other devas that they would honor...
So, on this level, spiritual level, Jesus also, would spiritually;
"Kill", the demons and send them out to dwell in the pigs, or just 
send them out, to whither and die...

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