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> > How about one of you eloquent writers who are in the dome these 
days ask the question 
> > about a foundation in TM TM Siddhis and the inclusion of other 
wisdom teachings in 
> > participants lives. Ask MMY if he wants these avid broadminded 
seekers excluded from the 
> > courses or included to bring up the numbers. There are still 
1,000+- siddhas in Fairfield 
> > not  in the dome.
> >
> Actually, if you look at the brainwave patterns of TM and the TM-
Sidhis compared to virtually 
> every other meditation technique out there, the differences are so 
startling and drastic that 
> anyone that choses to practice those other techniques obviously 
doesn't get the role that TM/
> TM-Sidhis are playing. AND, the detrimental effect those techniques 
are playing as well.
> Given the insensitivity of such people, its only politeness that 
brings the TMO to ban them 
> without any comment: they're stupid and counter-evolutionary, but 
the TMO doesn't say it.

I'm not sure I understand what this whole controversy is about?
>From my experience in the dome, years ago;
It seemed that the group practice is really powerful;
If you had the least bit of fatique,
It seemed you would fall asleep...
So, if you fell asleep, would you still be doing your program,
While you were asleep?, of course not...would it effect anything in 
the dome?, of course not...
If the group dome experience, is so powerful;
I see no need of fear, that someone doing something slightly 
Is going to negatively effect anything?
I think it's more of a political statement than anything...
Like: "Do it our way, or hit the highway"...

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