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> > But most sidhas here are or were doing other stuff.  And seeing 
as how 
> > someone else just got thrown out for that, how likely is it that 
> > be open to the rest of us? (Not that there'd even be that many 
> > to go.)
> > 
> > Sal
> > 
> How likely is it that Maharishi would be open about it? Why even
> bother to ask? 
> JohnY 

Well, you might be surprised by his answer;
If you never ask, you'll never know...
The Baghavad Gita states this, in: "Action is always superior to 
inaction", because at least you get an answer...
Didn't Maharishi hang out with some 'Heavy Dudes', in India?
Didn't he hang with people like, Tat Wala Baba?
Would Tat Wala Baba, be allowed in the Dome?
So, I wouldn't be surprised, if someone would only ask...
That has been the problem; there have been such controlling;
People around Maharishi, that they intimidate;
Even the asking of a perfectly relevant question:
Very Sad!!! 

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