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> > I spoke to my psychology class about this. Mel's
> > behavior is a great example of what happens when
> > there's no ego, no superego and only id. This is not
> > how Mel "really" feels, it's just his id running the
> > show. All of us would have some very brutal things to
> > say if we were as sh*tfaced as Mel was.
> > 
> Bullshit. I've been falling down drunk when I was a kid. My 
behavior was obnoxious because I 
> wouldn't stop singing loudly while others were trying to sleep. No 
fights, no rotten things to 
> say about others, and when others shushed me, I said sorry and 
continued singing.
> Drunkeness brings out *repressed* behavior. It does't bring out 
entirely new behaviors, 
> unless you have a some physiological problem with processing 
alcohol. Gibson is just an 
> angry drunk who expresses his repressed anger. His entire set of 
behaviors is merely a 
> continuation of what he does already in his professional life. Or 
do you think that the Passion 
> of Christ isn't anti-Semetic?

This is true of my experience also, and I have had trouble with 
alcohol and have been to many AA meetings.
For me alcohol gives me a sort of 'liquid courage';
And lessons my inhibitions;
So, if I would drink, especially when I was going through;
My divorce, for example;
I would get really mean, and the anger would just pour out..
It's not a good drug for me;
And obviously not a good drug for poor Mel;
Who now appears to be in quite a fix...

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