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> > How about one of you eloquent writers who are in the
> dome these days ask the question 
> > about a foundation in TM TM Siddhis and the
> inclusion of other wisdom teachings in 
> > participants lives. Ask MMY if he wants these avid
> broadminded seekers excluded from the 
> > courses or included to bring up the numbers. There
> are still 1,000+- siddhas in Fairfield 
> > not in the dome.
> >
> Actually, if you look at the brainwave patterns of TM
> and the TM-Sidhis compared to virtually 
> every other meditation technique out there, the
> differences are so startling and drastic that 
> anyone that choses to practice those other techniques
> obviously doesn't get the role that TM/
> TM-Sidhis are playing. AND, the detrimental effect
> those techniques are playing as well.
> Given the insensitivity of such people, its only
> politeness that brings the TMO to ban them 
> without any comment: they're stupid and
> counter-evolutionary, but the TMO doesn't say it.
> I think you actually believe your own bullshit. 
> What techniques tha t are detrimental are you
> referring to?

Qi Qong meditation leads to mental problems so often that there is an actual 
syndrome named after it: Qi Qong Psychosis. Kundalini techniques lead to this 
kind of 
thing often enough that there is a proposal for a similar section in the DSM-IV 
Kundalini techniques. The only claim about TM is that sometimes people who 
already have 
severe mental problems can't handle it.

BTW, the kid that murdered the other kid at MUM had apparently decided, *ON HIS 
to stop taking his anti-psychosis meds. It's impossible to tell whether or not 
TM had 
anything to do with his behavior, but on its face, it doesn't seem likely. 
Going cold turkey 
off that kind of thing without medical supervision is well known to lead to 
behavior. No need to blame TM for it.

> And what research do you have to back up your claims.?

See the DSM-IV.

> Thruout India I have sat with various gurus  who
> extolled the virtues of sadhana but never mentioned
> TM.

Well, like duh. It's hard to claim guru-hood if someone gets more out of 
justing sitting 
quietly for 20 minues twice-daily.

> Even at Jyotir Math the shankaracharya's right hand
> man,
> Ramananda Saraswati, told me his main sadhana was
> japa,
> not TM.

Gurudev didn't devise a householder's technique for the masses.

> Just because you write it , does not make it so.


> You should take a lie detector test. After reading a
> number of your posts I believe you will make up
> anything to justify your point of view and have a
> great need to be right, truth be damned.
> Get some help man, for God's sake.

Feeling threatened?

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