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The reason for this discrepancy between the number registered and the
> number attending is that the course is free. People who have no particular
> interest in going to the dome are getting their badges updated because they
> think that perhaps, maybe, they might want to put in an appearance at some
> time in the future. But mostly they don't go. The movement is always criticized
> for being too much concerned with money, but now they are offering
> something of value for nothing, it becomes clear that unless you charge
> something, people don't value what you offer.

Not necessarily tue that people don't value things unless you charge. This is a case of
offering something great, but too late. People have been burned and disappointed for
decades. Many are wary or uninterested by now. In addition, the price of TM and affiliated
services like jyotish, yagyas and ayurvedic treatment are rather expensive - not just
"something" being charge, but a lot. The effects may be worth the money, but I suspect
that people do value and would partake of these services more if they were more
> >
> >
The last TMO course I attended was mainly a high sales pitch for all the other stuff. Ayurveda, Jyotish, MVVT, etc etc.

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