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Good points, some comments interwoven.

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In my own case, I didn¹t for a moment take the rumors seriously,

but then I

never had the amount and detail of information now available. And

if books

come out, there will be much more info. My guess is that a

percentage will

deny it all, while refusing to look at the evidence, while a

majority will

accept it. Some of these will dismiss him as a total fraud, but


many will try to arrive at a balance view.

In my case, I heard rumors in the 70's and dismissed them.  

Me too. I heard some pretty exlicit detailed things in 1977. To my

surprise, it didn't phase me much. I figured, if true, its M's

business -- and what someone does --- who (presumably -- and this was

absolutely assumed back then) had full mastery of yogic powers, and

energy flows --- is not so relevant for aspirants. 

Interesting post, thanks. 

Do you *still* believe that M. has "full mastery of yogic powers, and energy flows" or has time modified your POV?

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