Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Email I just sent to an old friend who's trying to get me in the dome.
on 8/4/06 3:06 PM, Paul Mason at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Anyone who sets themselves above others gets notched up the measure
of accountability and MMY is no exception. Sex and drugs stories sell
well, but in reality there are more serious temptations for a
spiritual leader and in order to determine whether or not such people
exploit their positions, it is wise to keep a close eye on their

I am not at all opposed to people questioning the 'saintliness' of
MMY, but I am uncomfortable that FFL no longer merely raises about
his sexuality but presents the rumours as facts.

Legally speaking, being the conduit of a rumour is one thing, but
presenting it as fact is really quite another.

One man’s fact is another man’s rumor. You’re welcome to take anything I or anything anyone else says with a grain of salt. In fact, you should. __._,_.___

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