--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "dhamiltony2k5" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jeanne wrote; "The majority of people who got their dome badges were 
> not asked the
> incredibly difficult questions I was asked, so they did not have to
> lie face to face to someone,"
> Doug writing: Would the dome attendence numbers collapse, by half if
> people were also generally required to sign foreswearing the
> declarations that they are holding ShivaMa to as below? There are
> probably easily 500 or 800 people in the domes just like ShivaMa who
> have just seen the saints too.
> There certainly are a lot of TM meditators running below the 
> TMorg `religious/spiritual practice/saints' administrative 
> inquisition radar to have registered & gotten in there.
> I have talked around with people these recent days also who were 
> saying they had tried going back to the dome programs these past 
> weeks and were remarking that the feeling of fear w/ people hiding 
> there was so too thick & that they were not going to go there 
> because of that anymore.  The fear and sadness that it is not more 
> open & gone the way it has does color what is left there.  Evidently 
> there is a bad group-effect the TMOrg have created there unwittingly 
> on the subtle.  It is pretty sad for the hope that it could have 
> been.  It has been a large disheartenment and dwindle for a long 
> time and that feeling is deep in the practice of the dome 
> community..  it is a bad perpetuation given the hope that it was 
> once.
> -Doug in FF

My take: if you must lie to accomplish something, it's probably not something 
you should 
be trying to accomplish. Of course, this is "world peace" we're talking about, 
so why are 
people doing things that they need to lie about in order to accomplish this? 
Perhaps world 
peace isn't as important to them as they like to pretend?

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