--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Bhairitu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Things aren't looking good for the Rethugs so wouldn't you have 
> guessed it another ridiculous "terrorist" alert.  Gotta keep the 
> people in fear to control them. So how many days until we learn 
> this plot was bogus?

This one was almost certainly for real.  It'll be
*exploited* up the wazoo, though.
> And such mindless security, not allowing liquids

Supposedly the explosives that were to be used were
in liquid form.  There was one plot to blow up planes
awhile back that planned on using an explosive liquid
in a bottle of contact lens cleaning solution.

> lipstick, chapstick

And you could easily disguise plastic explosive as
lipstick and Chapstick, so that makes sense too.

The real idiocy is the administration's attempt to
use this plot to justify the Iraq war.  These
terrorists were home-grown Brits, for pete's sake.

For the cost of a couple of days' worth of the war
in Iraq, we could outfit all our airports with
scanners that detect explosives (only a few have
them now).

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