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> > It's a mothers right to choose. Women have the right to decide if
> > > they want to carry a child regardless of it's sex.
> >
> > Perhaps, but the social issue is overwhelming the individual rights
> > in this case. The individual's right to choose is leading to
> > exceedingly lopsided male-female ratios that may
> > well destroy Chinese and Indian society if left unregulated.
> I don't know how the heck you'd regulate it. Ban
> the aborting of female fetuses but not male? How
> long would it be before you had an imbalance the
> other way?

Ban anything that can be used to determine the sex of the fetus. Ultrasound while the
mom isn't allowed to look, would be OK, as long as the doctor doesn't reveal the sex.

Why not just ban abortion all together?

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