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> > So, yeah, I agree with many of your complaints about the TMO and
> > but in the interests of balance and fairness, you willingly went
> > into that lifestyle that was the opposite of the TM Program.  You
> > can't now turn around and claim shock and awe for all the
> > things that the Movement turned out to be.
> >
> Have I done that? I don’t think so.

No, for the most part you don't.  I find you, like Fox News, fair
and balanced almost all of the time

Um, thanks for the compliment. Shall I return it by saying you remind me of Air America?

But there is, sometimes, some bitterness that does come across.

It’s there, but periodic and not predominant.

Hey, how many years did you spend fully devoted to MMY and the
TMO...10?  20?

25 as a full-time employee.

That's a major chunk of your life...

Yeah, but believe it or not, I really don’t regret it. I could easily say I should have left in this year or that, but I tend not to lament the past. I believe that with regard to the past, one should feel that things happened the way they were supposed to happen. If you think otherwise, you’re fighting with reality.

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