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> So you  acknowledge that not allowing the mother to
> know the sex of a child would  be a lesser evil, I
> presume.
> Yes it would be a lesser evil if it meant saving the life of the fetus, but  
> we don't make Chinese laws.  I don't think the Chinese really look on the  
> issue as being a major problem worth solving. If anything they probably look 
> on  
> their current policy as a damned good solution.

In fact, I don't know what the Chinese solution is. I know that the Indian 
government, at 
one point, was banning the study of any practice or procedure that might 
influence the sex 
of baby before conception and I seem to recall issues about finding out the sex 
pregnancy, but I may be wrong.

I was merely proposing the ultra-sound sex-determination thing as a possible 
solution to 
China's problem and even there, there's the issue of known sex-linked birth 
defects that 
might make a pregancy *dangerous* to continue.

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