--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "qntmpkt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- I disagree.  
You disagree with what specifically. My rhetorical questions and
observations are along the points of you raise. 

Speculating on which actions are Dharmic, whether in
> E'd or non-E'd people is all speculative; and due to the paradoxes of
> Brahman and the possibility of getting embroiled in circulatory
> "Advaita-speak"; we are left with making wholly commonsense, logical,
> (experiential and theoretical when appropriate) conclusions about the
> nature of actions; some of which can be evaluated using standard
> academic, scientific tools.

Have you read any of my posts? Did you somehow get confused that I am
against the use of standard academic, scientific tools?.

>  There's no need to nitpick on the nature
> of science or what's common sense.  There are obvious disagreements
> and that's the nature of life.
>  The point is, that trying to figure out right vs wrong, Dharmic vs
> a-Dharmic is an unsolvable conundrum when placed into the context of
> what we "think" E'd people vs non-E'd people are doing; (if consistent
> with Dharma or not).

Which was my point.

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