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> > What are MMY's position on the Jews and Israel?
> > 
> > I've heard all kinds a second hand info like they are "simply
> > killers," that they are "sinners" and that He held his breath 
> > of) during the six-day war in '67 since events then stood in the
> > balance of potentially being resolved in such a way that Sat Yuga
> > might have come already back then.
> >
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> http://geocities.com/bbrigante/index.html#homicide

The quote that Bob supplies the link to above is a double whammy: a 
dis to both Israel and the U.S.

The Jewish State is "murderers" while the U.S. is responsible for 
anything bad that happens in the world.


A far cry from the way he praised the U.S. back in the '70s.

Gee, I guess since the CIA is responsible for everything bad that 
has happened to the Movement, then the U.S. must be responsible for 
everything bad that happens to the world.  The CIA: a nice scapegoat 
when you don't want to blame your own decisions and actions for the 
demise of your worldwide movement.

Can you spell "sourgrapes"?

Can you spell "paranoid"?

Another interesting point: for a while there, both the U.S. and 
Israel had the highest percentage of meditators in the world...may 
still have 'em...


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