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> > 
> > Yeah, lotsa goofballs confess to notorious crimes, but there was 
> > under Jonbenet's fingernails, so if there is match, I'll have to 
> > this guy as the killer. But everything (the bullshit ransom note, 
> > points to Mom as the killer after she caught Pops diddling the kid.
> > 

> If the dad was molesting the daughter, why would the mom kill her 
and not
> him?


In a crazy moment, if she did in fact discover John doing Jonbenet 
(and the child did have vaginal bruising, not surprising considering 
the weird lifestyle of a little girl being a beauty contest 
participant), Patsy could beat her fists against John (and maybe she 
did), but certainly did not have the physical strength to kill him 
without going out and buying a gun, but it was easy to go nuts with 
the kid, who could be killed in a moment of rage, probably not 
deliberately, just a small punching bag for rage she could not 
adequately express against her husband. 

Then Patsy and John were in a standoff -- he could not tell the cops 
she killed the kid, because then he would be exposed as a molester, 
and vice versa. Add the screwups by Boulder cops and the good 
attorneys that rich people can hire, and they could not be prosecuted, 
although if Patsy did it, she is now certainly paying the price in 
whatever hell there is for child-killers, so not being jailed for a 
while is really not too significant.

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