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> Of  curse, none of these polls quite asks about the real issue: 
should the  
> president be 
> allowed to ignore the law?
> The law states that the law  enforcement types most get a warrant 
to monitor 
> calls of the 
> relevant kind  within 48 hours AFTER the monitoring starts, IIRC.
> The President never  bothered to have his people do this. IN fact, 
since it 
> is standard  
> procedure for law enforcement agents to follow the law unless told  
> otherwise, someone 
> must have ordered these agents NOT to follow the  law.
> As I have now said in a couple of other posts, the issue as you 
state also  
> involves presidential powers in a time of war when national 
security is  
> involved. Presidential authority and powers can and has changed 
numerous times  
> through out our history during wars.

At the very least, the president needs a damn good
reson to break the law, even in time of war.

There is *no* reason for Bush to break the law in
this case.

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