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> In a message dated 8/20/06 7:07:36 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
> MD, you  recount these extreme measures by past presidents 
> as if they were all  justified. I'm not ready to assume they 
> were. For example, I've  encountered many citations of 
> Lincoln suspending writs of habeas corpus,  but not one 
> citation has ever said, "And history proves he was 
> correct  to do so." Same with FDR's internment of 
> Japanese Americans.
> If  history teaches me anything from the above 
> examples, it's that presidents  take reprehensible 
> actions under stress.
> And you know what? What Bush is doing is far less invasive than
> anything  any of these other presidents did and having far greater 
> success in accomplishing the goals.

How do you know either?  All the details of the
program are secret.  We don't know who they're 
wiretapping or for what reasons, and we have *no*
idea whether they've had any successes doing it.

That's why warrantless wiretapping is a BAD IDEA,
because there is NO OVERSIGHT.

> If you read the poll from the Washington Post you will  notice 
> that even 65% thought it was necessary even if it violated privacy. 
> Only  about 30% or less opposed it.

NOBODY in the Washington Post poll approved or
opposed WARRANTLESS wiretapping.  The poll did
not ask about WARRANTLESS wiretapping.

You just keep repeating the same lie over and 
over, even after it's been thoroughly exposed.
> These are the hard core Bush haters  that  don't trust 
> him on any account and are just looking for something
> to  complain about.

Bullshit.  If it were President Hillary Clinton
doing warrantless wiretapping, they could hear
you right-wingers screeching about it as far
away as Pluto.

> If Bush had a judge reviewing every wire tap as they
> came in, on the spot those same people would be
> complaining and demanding to know if it was a Bush 
> appointee or a good liberal judge that will play
> politics with the program and be a thorn in the side.

Bullshit.  You're really floundering now, MDixon.
You haven't got a case, and you know it.

NOBODY (except maybe Bhairitu) objects to
wiretapping with judicial oversight.  We've
been doing that forever.

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