"Just learn to be selective with it and skip posters who, in your
experience, waste your time."

This is why this group is such a blast.  Actual opened mindedness, not
just lipservice.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> on 8/20/06 11:02 PM, chaim_laib at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > I have often wished I could simply delete this entire group and let it
> > start over and to limit the conversation to meaningful FFLIfe materal.
> > And to limit the seeming worthless drivel that some, like sparaig,
> > contribute here. It's a constant barrage of one line emails, sometimes
> > as many as 30 in a row.  Maybe he does have some good things to say,
> > but he says so many things that eventually he gets ignored by most
> > people lurking. 
> > 
> I realize it must be harder if you read FFL in your browser rather than
> getting the emails. I prefer the latter method, in part because I
can sort
> by author and delete with a click all the posts by authors who in my
> experience, rarely contribute anything worthwhile. I can see why you
> like me to ban or control these people, but aside from the fact that
I don¹t
> have the time to play policeman here, I also feel that imposing
control on
> the group would be presumptuous. It would presume that my perspective is
> more objective than it probably is. It would be like meddling with the
> freedom of speech provision in the US Constitution. Every newsstand
and the
> internet itself is filled with garbage which intelligent people are
> of reading, but because they are intelligent, they choose to put their
> attention elsewhere. I¹m not implying that people who enjoy FFL
abandon it
> because some people dilute its quality. Just learn to be selective
with it
> and skip posters who, in your experience, waste your time.

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