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"FFL guidelines? Like this one from the group's homepage?

"Pretty much any topic is fair game."

Doug writing: 
Yeah that is the weak link.  Ought to be closed to preserve this 
place as a forum about FFL.  It is fair to ask that the posts at 
least be related to FFL as broadly included in the guidelines and on 
the home page, and not really just any topic.  FFL is a subject 
group.  Being too dang permissive dilutes the forum.  

The place to protecting the forum here is in the guidelines as they 
are stated in the guidelines file and on that home page blurb.  That 
one liner in particular needs to be dropped.  That one line has been 
a problem ever since it was added to the home page to try to make 
FFL inclusive.  Some people just take advantage of it & us with it.  

-Doug in FF

> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "dhamiltony2k5"
> <dhamiltony2k5@> wrote:
> > Rick Archer seems too damn permissive and liberal as owner and 
> > moderator of FFL and should kick some of these imposters off of 
> > for flooding it with such unrelated to FFL shit.  Flex some 
> > Rick and make these imposters at least take the time to relate 
> > stuff to FF or FFL and not just let some presumed connection as 
> > license for , or else give them the hank.  Without some self-
> > or better self-editing, then drop a few people for not following 
> > the FFL guidelines.  Amusing too so many do not live here in FF 
> > even meditate who fill this place up with unrelated stuff.
> FFL guidelines? Like this one from the group's homepage?
> "Pretty much any topic is fair game."
> Really, the only things that are off-topic on FFL are spam and 
> that would get the group placed in the adult category. As one of 
> moderators, all I do is keep an eye on uploaded files and handle
> subscriptions to keep out spammers. Doug, I share your lack of
> interest in much of what gets posted here, but no one is forced to
> read it all; I certainly don't.

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