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> > > > Carter was a fundie nut , just like bush and bin laden. 
> > > > Get a real perspective instead of the usual brainwashed 
> american 
> > > > perspective. 
> > > > No-one outside US buys this american BS..Why do you suppose 
> that 
> > > > is....coincidence?
> > > 
> > > Guess that's why he was awarded the Nobel Peace
> > > Prize, huh?
> > > 
> > > In fact, Carter is widely respected outside the
> > > U.S., probably more so than *in* the U.S.
> > 
> > Not that he doesn't have his faults and blind spots.
> > 
> > But just for example, he was the first U.S.
> > president to speak out in support of gay rights; he
> > is an ardent conservationist and supporter of the
> > rights of women and minorities.  He has been
> > recognized internationally, via many awards and
> > honors, as a peacemaker and human rights advocate.
> > He's also a very strong supporter of the separation
> > of church and state.
> > 
> > Plus which, he has written an entire book ("Our
> > Endangered Values") condemning the socially
> > conservative agenda of today's fundamentalist
> > Christians.>>>
> Ok, so as an old man he has changed,

Not really, he's been pretty consistent throughout
his public career.

 just like Billie Graham now 
> accepts other religions as legitimate. I accept Carter is a nice 
> guy, but religion poisons politics with its arrogance - and I have 
> no tolerance for it in politics.

*But he doesn't either*--never did.

>  I think that every president should have to declare out loud on 
> being inaugerated: 
> " I believe all people are equal, and that no religion or non-
> religion is superior to another, and I do not hold my own religion 
> as superior, but a means to express my feelings to God"
> Or something like that.
> At the time of his inauguration GW Bush would have choked on those 
> words, because he is a fundamentalist, and I am not sure Carter 
> would have been able to say it at his innaguration either

Well,  you can't expect *any* devout Christian,
fundamentalist or otherwise, to say they don't
hold their religion as superior.  There are very
few devout religionists of any flavor who could
say that.  If they didn't believe their religion
was superior, they wouldn't follow it.

The issue is what they *do* about their belief
that the religion they follow is superior.

And if you compare Bush and Carter on that score,
Carter's actions were for the most part fully
consistent with the very best Christian principles.
whereas Bush's actions have for the most part *not*
been consistent with them.

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