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> If one pronounces words aloud in ones head
> whilst reading, one might be less likely 
> to "reach" pure consciousness during mantra meditation
> than someone who doesn't pronounce words "aloud"
> in their heads whilst reading?
> Why? Well, early on in my TM "career" I noticed
> that thinking my mantra during inhalation felt
> extremely bad. Thus I learned to think it only during
> inhalation, although that might not strictly speaking
> be TM as thought by Maharishi. Only recently I've realised
> that the reason why my mantra gives me an unpleasant
> feeling in the head if I "use" it during inhalation
> might be the same why speaking during inhalation
> feels bad, for most people, I believe. Thus, it might
> be hard for me to think on a level abstract enough
> to "reach" pure consciousness easily, because I don't
> seem to be able to read without pronouncing the words
> inside my head.
> Perhaps that's a same kind of individual feature - in this
> case rather a handicap -
> as are synesthesias, or stuff. Someone who has synesthesias
> is probably unable to avoid them, even if they wanted to.

I almost always read words aloud inside my head.

I think you worry about these things too much.

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