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> FFL as Addiction
> On Saturday, August 12th scienceofabundance asked a 
> provocative question: "Do you experience your partici-
> pation in FFL as being an addiction?" 
> Judy Stein made her first post that Saturday at 2:04 
> a.m. Paris time (still 10:04 p.m. Friday night her 
> time). She stayed up posting Friday night until 12:18 
> p.m. her time, and then started posting Saturday 
> morning again at 8:20 a.m. her time. She continued 
> posting pretty much all day, until 3:00 a.m. her 
> time, for a total of 70 posts.

(Actually I went to bed around 10:30, way earlier than
usual, woke up four hours later and couldn't get back
to sleep, so I turned on the computer again and made
a few more posts in the middle of the night.  It 
wasn't continuous posting from the morning through
to 3 a.m.)

Just for the record, August 12 was a rare day off
for me in the middle of a truly exhausting stretch
of one work deadline after another.  Freelancers
typically have a "feast or famine" problem where
work is concerned, where "feast" brings in the
money hand over fist, but at the expense of a
normal amount of free time.

When you get a day off in one of these "feast"
seasons, you typically don't have the energy to
do anything more demanding than frittering away
the time at whatever is easiest and least stressful,
and at the same time least reminiscent, content-
wise, of whatever work you were doing prior to the
time off.

Sometimes on these occasions I'll read books all
day long, or go to the beach, or putter around
the house if I have the energy.  This time, there
was a bunch of interesting discussions going on
on FFL, and I spent most of the day churning out
posts.  It was satisfying and energizing and left
me ready to plunge into the next work project on
my list when it arrived the next morning.

I do post a lot, but that day was *way* above my

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