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> I just think it's fascinating is all, and I look
> forward to what is inevitably going to happen after
> Maharishi himself dies. 
> The *same* people who will claim that he was the
> hottest, most enlightened sage ever and that his
> theories were perfect and correct in every instance
> are going to start claiming that they're in 
> communication with his individual spirit now
> that he's dead. The fact that one of his theories
> would have to be incorrect for this to happen is
> never going to occur to them...
Not necessarily. Whether or not we see someone as supremely 
enlightened does not determine whether or not we will be in 
communication with them. If they are truly supremely enlightened, it 
is up to them whether or not we are in contact with them. If there 
is an overwhelming and steadfast desire or our part, then we may be 
fortunate. Otherwise, if it is a fanciful pipe dream, or something 
spur of the moment, nothing will occur, regardless of our estimation 
of Maharishi or anyone else as supremely enlightened.

Remember that beneath this covering of flesh and blood is a soul 
seeking knowledge and whatever occurs in our world primarily feeds 
the knowledge of the soul, regardless of how we may be affected by 
it. The goal of course is to attain integration so that the soul and 
the individual are one, aka enlightenment.

This is the true purpose of sidhi powers, and Blessings of the 
Saints. And this is why such phenomena are not easily scrutinized by 
the idly curious or disdainful. Rather than the dry musings of the 
merely curious, there is a rich hidden world available to the devout.

Those whose main motive in seeking such phenomena is ego bound will 
always be confounded, for the Self will always assert its dominion, 
bowing to nothing.

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