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> > --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <no_reply@> wrote:
> > > It just strikes me that those who claim to believe
> > > in Maharishi's theory *should* have an intellectual
> > > problem with running into the individual conscious-
> > > ness of someone they consider enlightened who died.
> > > It seems to me that if they truly believe that 
> > > they've encountered Guru Dev's individual conscious-
> > > ness that they should believe that Maharishi is 
> > > wrong about his "drop returning to the ocean" theory.
> MMY has specifically told, that its not possible to pray to Brahman,
> as it is impersonal. Somebody concluded from this, that it would also
> not be possible to pray to GD as he supposed that he completely merged
> with It. MMY interupted the person stating that this is not what he
> had told, and that one could very well pray to GD, that he would be
> IOW be available on an individual level.
> So you are confusing things again. While union with Brahman is
> possible even in this life, where an individuality is still available
> in its external form, why should then this form not be available on a
> different level after physical death. He can still be 'one with
> Brahman' while still retaining a subtle form on a higher level, for
> whatever work.

Or, in Star Trek terms, Odo maniefests to chat with Kyra. Does a separate Odo 
exist when 
he is NOT chatting with kyra?

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