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> Tom T:
> It has been my experience that whenever anyone accuses me of doing
> something like lying that upon close examination that the person doing
> the accusing is the guilty party and the pointing of the finger is to
> divert attention away from the guiltiest party in the group. 

The problem with this type of palatitude, particularly if it is 
generalized as an absolute and universal trusim, is that it precludes,
or diminishes the (percieved) possibility that the original
observation is actually correct, and not a projection.

For example, I state that Bush is inarticulate and a shallow thinker.
Does that mean I am simply inarticulate and a shallow thinker? Of
course, my statment does not preclude the possibility that I ALSO am
inarticulate and a shallow thinker. But that is a separate issue. The
key point is that raising the possibility of projection in no way
provides a valid counter argument to the assertion that Bush is
inarticulate and a shallow thinker.

Raising the "projection" issue, is sometimes, if not often, a
diversion technique, conscious or not.

Keeping in mind that ones thoughts/speech, and those of others, MAY
have elements in projection driving them, is a healthy trait. However,
to believe that it is always the case, as implied* by Tom is perhaps
due to inarticulatness or shallow thinking.

("Whenever" [someone criticizes me, it IS projection, and clearly not me])
The text in [brackets] is what was implied, not explicitly stated.

> When we
> point one finger out at others if we look at our own hands we will see
> that three fingers point back at ourselves. Simple observation of the
> nature of projection. Tom T

I suggest that, more, its a simplistic observation of the
the nature of projection. 

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