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> > Other teachers of TM want to weigh in? Were you taught to lie?

I missed that seesion, I guess. :)

I can address TTC's and general practice in centers in the early 70's.
A period when many of us, not all, were taught to teach TM. It was my
experience that were were not taught to lie.  In fact, i think the
popularity of SIMS in that period was due to an abundance of bright
shiny faces speaking from the heart about how great this thing was. An
organizational ethos to lie would have quashed that spirit.

Jerry did a lot of the lecturing details with us on my TTC. I always
had a lot of respect for Jerry and viewed him as a person of
integrity. If Turq and Curtis are making the case that Jerry was a con
man, I don't buy into their myth.

Barry brings up some teacher issues and questions. First, these were
not mainstream questions in  my experience, during 500+ initiations.
They were rare or non-rexistant. Regardless, no organizization or
business is required to disclose propriety information. They disclose
what is needed to address the customers' issues and concerns  with
regards to the use of the product or service. Knowing how many mantras
there are, or how they are chosen, is not necessary, for any TM
student's paractice, nor does such knowledge, if known, improve the
practice. Its a non-issue about some proprietary teaching methods. 
So I wa prepared when asked, to provide some general, correct answers.
It is not lying to not disclose every single inner working of an
organization or business. 

Every business or governmental entity puts their product, service,
issues, etc, in its best light. Some such "spinning" is reasonable,
other is abusive and deceitful. "In the world", there is a broad
spectrum to the ranging from fair to highly manipulative and deceitful
for PR, promotion and responses to inquiries. The general approach to
answering questions at SIMS lectures in the early 70's were far more
tame, far more towards or on the fair/good side of the spectrum than
the heavy spinning done by most businesses, advertisising, political
campagins government officials. If barry and curtis are "shocked" by
the spinning of the TMO in the early 70's -- the era I am addressing
-- then they must be totally floored, up in arms, and rioting in the
streets regarding the far more heavy handed spinning, lying and
distortions prevelant in almost every noon and cranny of modern life. 

Where I think distortions did exist in that era, not conscious deceit,
was in teachers claiming or implying that there more was in the TM
research than there was. I think was due to a lack of understanding of
the research and its limits. And youthful enthusiasm.

When I started lecturing about the sidhis to many audiences, as part
of the first wave of teams of governors, a different dynamic was
happening. I cringe a bit at that era. Yet, I found a transcript
recently of one of my lectures. It was quite craftily spun for a
mid-20ish type. No lies. Just making the best case I could for the
"unimaginable". I was not taught to do that. It just came out, was
refined over time, lecture after lecture.

Regarding Barry story of course credit, that is an organizational
area, not something many teachers were involved in. And thus not
relevant to a discussion claims that all TM teachers were taught to
lie. However, sounds like 1976-7 that Barry is referring to. That may
have been when organizationally things began to go down hill. And when
many teachers began to leave due to the lack of organizational
integrity. ATR credit being taken back, and all.

But just up to that period, I saw a lot of integrity -- again I credit
Jerry. I was responsible for banking the course credit for 40+ people
on a project in 1972. Everyone was able to use thier credit to my
knowledge. And I cashed in mine for a course starting in spring 1976.
Up to that period, the organization did not lie as far as saw.

MIU pulled some fast ones in 1973-5, IMO, but thats another story.

> Absolutely. About the contents of the puja, about
> whether or not people were asked to kneel during
> it, about the number of mantras and how they were
> selected, and about certain "hot button" subjects
> that were likely to come up in lectures or in 
> interviews. For the latter, we were taught "pat
> answers" to use in each situation, answers that
> in many cases we knew not to be true. We were also
> taught things to say about other forms of meditation
> (that most of us had never practiced) that were 1)
> negative and 2) not true. 
> But Sparaig won't believe this, and he similarly
> won't believe any other TM teacher who chimes in
> and answers his question with a hearty "Yes."
> He's interested in perpetuating his fantasies that
> what he was told was Truth, not in realizing that
> many of the things he was told were calculated
> lies.

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