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>I want to write a farsi-web,But Mozila or Netscape don't display farsi in 
>Unicode.I have RedHat 7.2 & working PHP. 
>Please Guide me until i'll success.

This is not Mozilla or Netscape's problem, rather it is RedHat's. On my RedHat 
7.3, I can't (prperly) see pages written in Arial Unicode M$ ( wih Character 
set to UTF-8), but then I saw Debian Woody and SuSe Linux 8.0, and  they are 
able to show Unicode pages ( like www.farsikde.org ), with Mozilla 1.0 
properly. So, it is a RH problem, RH does not integrate system fonts with 
Mozilla, though Mozilla hs this feature built in it.
IMHO, you shouldn't worry about writing a Unicode persian webpage, most 
browserss I know of , Konqueror, IE, Mozilla and Netscape (except when on RH 
) can show these pages with no problem. I haven't tested RH 8.0 yet, but 
maybe this issue has been addressed in this version.

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