On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 16:38, Behnam wrote:
> But in the meantime, do you know where is the "small Alef" for
> putting on the Final Yeh (in "hattaa" for example) or Farsi Hamza
> (Yeh-e-raabet) that we put on the final Heh in this standard layout? I
> couldn't find them anywhere.

They are not in ISIRI 2901:1994. But a new version of the national
keyboard standard (due in 1382) will include them, and many other
required characters. See the archives of this list for more information,
including the exact layout.

> I'm out of luck here. I have Microsoft Office for Macintosh but it doesn't
> support right to left languages, nor Unicode. These things are reserved for
> their own platform!

MS Office for Mac is very bad with regard to right to left languages.
OpenOffice 1.1 may be a solution, but it's not integrated with Mac OS
interface good enough.


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