> On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 16:38, Behnam wrote:
> > But in the meantime, do you know where is the "small Alef" for
> > putting on the Final Yeh (in "hattaa" for example) or Farsi Hamza
> > (Yeh-e-raabet) that we put on the final Heh in this standard layout? I
> > couldn't find them anywhere.

For future reference, in Unicode parlance, they call these ARABIC LETTER
SUPERSCRIPT ALIF U+0670 and Arabic Hamza Above U+0654.

They are not on the "Farsi Keyboard" that ships with Win2000 and WinXP
however it is easy enough to map them to the keyboard manually in Word.

If you get Farsiweb's experimental keyboard or Peter Hauer's Keyman
keyboard (search the archives for both), you
will find both characters conveniently located on the keyboard.

The problem as always is the font. For web use, almost everyone is using
the Tahoma font which contains both characters (as well as the Persian Yeh
and the Persian Kaf). Unfortunately, neither character positions very
nicely and you probably won't want to use them when you see what they look
like in action! If for non-web use, well, there are many Persian fonts
around hacked for computer use without the original designer's permission
(becoming a hot topic nowadays!) and you can usually find the heh+hamzeh
hacked to the tah marbuta and as for the alif, I recommend a fine-tipped
felt pen or Photoshop!

There are various other ingenious workarounds, of course.

I don't know what the situation is with Macs where the main problem seems
to stem from  not enough users doing Persian in order to provide feedback
and mutual support.

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