Hi all,

Roozbeh and I have always had a long discussion about how should
one translate dialog buttons.  The fact that the infinitive and
imperative verbs usually have the same form in English is kind of
misleading.  The way many have taken is to translate as
infinitive, for example to translate "Submit" to "ferestaadan".
The other way, imperative one, is to translate to "befrest".
Its a shame to say that the first place I found this kind of
translation was the good old k*ssher.com (don't blame me, I'm on
duty).  Now I have found a good enough source to support my
intention to use imperative translations:  The GNOME Human
Interaction Guidelines:


Quoting the relevant part:

"Button Phrasing. Write button labels as imperative verbs, for
example Save, Print. This allows users to select an action with
less hesitation. An active phrase also fits best with the
button's role in initiating actions, as contrasted with a more
passive phrase. For example Find and Log In are better buttons
than than Yes and OK."

So I consider the issue closed, and kindly ask Roozbeh to
consider changing his GNOME translations.  As for other
translation efforts, I highly recommend to consider switching.

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