Hi everyone,

We just pushed the new Faust libraries to the master branch of the Faust
git repository (we basically merged the experimental master-new-libraries
branch with the master branch)!

After many years, the Faust libraries got a bit messy and their global
organization was hard to understand by beginners (and also by more advanced
Faust programmers). For example, music.lib contained a bunch of functions
that should have been in filter.lib, effect.lib, etc. Also, the lack of a
proper documentation was a big problem. Thus, we decided to fully rewrite
the libraries by giving them more meaningful names and by putting their
various functions in places that make more sense. Also, we implemented a
system that automatically generates the documentation of all the Faust
libraries. Here's an overview of what has changed:

- New Faust version (0.9.90).
- Libraries are not in /architecture anymore but in /libraries
- The /libraries folder contains the following "standard" libraries:

> envelope.lib
> maxmsp.lib
> pm.lib
> stdfaust.lib
> analyzer.lib
> filter.lib
> misceffect.lib
> synth.lib
> basic.lib
> miscoscillator.lib
> reverb.lib
> compressor.lib
> noise.lib
> route.lib
> delay.lib
> signal.lib
> vaeffect.lib
> demo.lib
> math.lib
> phafla.lib
> spat.lib

> hoa.lib

- Other libraries that are considered as "non-standards" can also be found
in /libraries:

> maxmsp.lib

> reduce.lib

> tonestack.lib

> tube.lib

> instrument.lib

- /libraries/old contains deprecated libraries (effect.lib, music.lib and
oscillator.lib) that should not be used anymore, even though they will
still be installed on your system.
- /documentation was fully reorganized and now contains library.html and
library.pdf that can be automatically generated just by running "make
- library.html is also available on the Faust website:

We decided to make this change only partially backwards compatible (lol :)
), so *most of you will probably have to make a few changes to your Faust
codes*. In case you're currently working on a big project and you don't
want to break everything, we made a release of the version of the Faust
source code before this big change was applied. It can be downloaded here:

*We strongly recommend you to read the "Faust Libraries" section of the new
Faust libraries documentation (http://faust.grame.fr/libraries.html
<http://faust.grame.fr/libraries.html>)*. It should give you more details
on what has changed and what you should do.

This was a lot of work and there are probably many bugs/typos that will
need to be corrected so please, let us know of you find any.

These changes will be applied to the faust2 branch too before the end of
today. We'll also apply them progressively to FaustLive as well as to the
other tools gravitating around Faust.

We're sorry this is such a big change, but it was really needed...

Happy coding/fixing :)!


Romain, Yann and St├ęphane


Romain Michon
PhD Candidate
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Stanford Universityhttp://ccrma.stanford.edu/~rmichon
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