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CCRMA summer workshops have been announced (see detail below). Among the
them, the "Augmented Mobile Instruments
<https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~rmichon/augmented18/>" will feature a fair
amount of Faust dev. Join the party in sunny California this summer!




Romain Michon
(+1)(650)646-8917 <(650)%20646-8917>http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~rmichon

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Wow, do we have an exciting summer of workshops lined up for the
computer/audio enthusiast! Check out the schedule below, and find details
on specific workshops and registration at the CCRMA Workshop site
<https://ccrma.stanford.edu/workshops>. Feel free to forward this to anyone
who may be interested!

Questions or comments, please reach out to Nette Worthey:

The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics offers intensive
programs where top educators and researchers from the fields of music,
engineering, and computer science will present a detailed study of
specialized subjects. Each workshop is one week long. The workshops are
open to the public.

*6/18 – 6/22*    Perceptual Audio Coding: Marina Bosi, Rich Goldberg
                      Electronic Arts Ensemble: Constantin Basica, Alex
                      Motion Capture and Analysis of Music Performance:
Takako Fujioka, Madeline Huberth

*6/25 – 6/29*    Music Information Retrieval: Brian McFee, Meinard Müller,
Steve Tjoa

*7/1 – 7/6*        Deep Learning for MIR I: How do Neural Networks Learn
Music?: Irán Román, Kitty Shi

*7/9 – 7/13*      Deep Learning for MIR II: State-of-the-art Algorithms:
Irán Román, Kitty Shi

*7/16 – 7/20*    Digital Audio Effects: A Digital Signal Processing Primer
for Musicians and Audio Engineers: Elliot Canfield-Dafilou, Mark Rau
                      SpaceCamp: Ambisonics and Multi-channel Sound
Experiments: Christopher Jette, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

*7/30 – 8/3*     Formalized Score Control: Using Python and Abjad in Music
Composition: Trevor Baca, Josiah Oberholtzer, Jeffrey Treviño

*8/6 – 8/10*     Aspects of Sound in Art: Elaine Buckholtz, Christopher
                     SuperCollider: Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Bruno Ruviaro

*8/13 – 8/17*    Max/MSP/Jitter 1: Safe and Friendly introduction to Max:
Christopher Jette, Matt Wright

*8/18 – 8/22*    Max/MSP/Jitter 2: Really Understanding Max: Christopher
Jette, Matt Wright
                      Designing Musical Games::Gaming Musical Design: Rob
Hamilton, Chris Platz

*8/27 – 8/31*    Augmented Mobile Instruments: John Granzow, Romain Michon
                      Algorithmic Composition with Max/MSP and Open Music:
Davor Vincze, Andrew Watts
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