I have a question about levels in Faust.

I have been experimenting with various noise sources in Faust,
including the contents of noises.lib.  I find that when trying
to design music/sound with these sources, it’s helpful to get
them all to a similar audible level.  So I’ve started keeping
a list of coefficients, to adjust the different generators 
to approximately equal amplitudes.  

I got into this while making a sound-effects generator
using noise. I needed to select between no.noise, no.gnoise
and no.pink_noise without an audible change in the levels.
Those three generators produce significantly different absolute levels;
To match them (approximately), I multiply no.gnoise by 0.625,
and no.pink_noise by 12.5.  I believe that more exact
values can be determined mathematically but I mostly
used trial & error & a Faust dB meter.  I arbitrarily chose 
no.noise as the 1.0 reference level.

I wonder if I am duplicating existing work here.  Do such coefficients 
exist somewhere in Faust already?  

If not, and it it sounds useful, I'd be happy to contribute 
a simple library for this, or to add the coefficients to 
other libraries (noises.lib and oscillators.lib) in some 
agreeable format.  

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