I have a Kingston 4GB microSD card in my cellphone. I use a microSD USB
reader to move files to and from the card (pdfs, mp3s, etc). I tend to
move it between phones and computers a fair amount.

It seems that the card has failed and does not auto-mount properly on
either my desktop or laptop, both of which run F12, or on my phone now.

However, reviewing /var/log/messages I see that the relevant daemons sense
the card and create a block device (/dev/sdb or /dev/sdc depending on the
machine) when I use the USB reader and insert it into a USB port. However,
the device doesn't automount, nor can I mount it from root.

If the card has failed, I'd like to try and recover whatever data I can.

Can the card be made useable again through some sort of formatting utility?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Max Pyziur

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