I upgraded two systems from F10 to F12 via DVD.  Generally, everything is
working well.  I do have on remaining problem that I have not been able to
resolve.  Previously in F10, I used the default gnome-packagekit to inform
me of new updates.  I almost always use yum at the command line to manage
packages, simply because I'm old school.  The fewer levels of software
between me and the install, the better.  But, back to packagekit.  It was
very convenient to have gnome-package kit inform me of available updates
and give me a summary of the changes, as well as whether they were high
priority security updates.  So I would like to still have that feature.
For now, I have just gone back to monitoring the package announce mail

With F12, I added kpackagekit to the systems after the upgrade, but
kpackagekit does not ever report any available updates.  I ran the gui and
checked that everything was set properly.  It always gives error messages
about "KPackageKit closed unexpectedly", and "KDE Daemon closed
unexpectedly".  Both are Segmentation fault problems.
Is this a known problem.  I can find a couple of bugs in BZ that look like
they may be related, but not exactly the same.  Is there, a known solution?

Thank you for any information you might be able to give me.



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