To all fedora-list subscribers,

Please excuse what may be a redundant email; it's an important subject
for everyone here so we want to maximize awareness.  The Fedora
Infrastructure team is migrating our mailing lists this weekend, as
seen previously on the official announcement list:

If you want the nitty-gritty details from the experts, read both those
emails completely, and use the links they provide to show you exactly
what's happening.  Below is a summary for what will happen this weekend:

1. At times, mailing list traffic will appear to stop.  Messages sent
   to the list will be queued, and when delivery resumes they will hit
   the list again.

2. List-ID headers will change, because the lists are moving from one
   domain to another.

What do you need to do about it?

* These delays will be temporary, and mail will be queued during any
  delay period.  If you send something to the list, it may not appear
  immediately, but it will appear when the delay is over.  Please
  don't send tests or other repeated messages to the list, since that
  will only make the queue longer.

* Those of you who don't filter mail (i.e. if all your email comes to
  one Inbox) may not need to take action.  *BUT* if you have Fedora
  lists on spam filters, or if you filter your email based on headers
  like the List-Id or From address, you'll need to update your filters
  this weekend or risk missing some email.

I have a Gmail account which I use for my Fedora list email.  I am
editing those filters to search for "list:<old-address> OR
list:<new-address>" when filtering.  By making
the change now, hopefully the transition will be seamless from my
perspective.  Old to new address mappings can be found in a helpful
PDF[1] prepared by the Infrastructure team.

Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and continued interest in
Fedora, and thanks as well to our Infrastructure team[2] for their
constant improvement of Fedora's 100% free and open source,
enterprise-class services.

* * *

Paul W. Frields                      
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