Hi all,

This is a generic question about some user settings. Hope this is not considered off-topic.

I need some help from the sound gurus among us.

Running f10, pulseaudio in charge.

My Logitech keyboard has 3 keys for audio: mute, up, down.

Looking at my keyboard shortcuts I see that they are bound to XF86AudioMute, XF86AudioLowerVolume, XF86AudioRaiseVolume.

If I open the Volume Control applet I see that it is using the Alsa mixer. Two of the sliders are PCM and Line-in.

The XF86Audio functions are bound to the PCM control. Is there a way to change that binding so that the XF86Audio controls refer to Line-in? (some of my favorite stuff is 33 1/3 rpm :)

Mike Wright :m)

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