On 10-01-07 18:40:16, Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> > we at work have some PC's with 256 MB RAM, the graphical mode 
> > doesn't load, so we choice the text mode, but in all machines we 
> > get the same error, Anaconda 12.47
> >
> >do you have an idea how to solve it?
> Yeah, add ram. Anaconda needs like 1/2 gig, and nevermind trying to
> Fedora w/ < 1/2gig as well...

Umm, don't you think that the Anaconda developers know what is 
required, and that the rather minimal text-mode install is designed to 
use less memory?

OP:  There may be useful info in the other VTs when the error occurs.  

If you can't find a workaround, try Debian, which has much better 
support than Fedora for small memory machines, due to the different 
goals of the projects.  If you want to run a GUI on 256 MB, you might 
want to choose something less memory-hungry than Gnome or KDE.

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