2010/1/8 Matthew Saltzman <m...@clemson.edu>:
> No need to rebuild.  I just installed akmod-nvidia (the 64-bit one) and
> added  "rdblacklist=nouveau" to the kernel line in /etc/grub.conf.  You
> can add "nomodeset", but I didn't need to.  This is a 64-bit F12.

You could do that, but it's already blacklisted in the system. When
you get a kernel update it will not be included. Problem is that it's
included in the current initramfs, so if you reboot it'll be loaded.
Doing either will work, but really Yum should probably do this after
it blacklists nouveau.

>> Update your modules database:
>> su -c 'depmod -ae'
>> Create an nvidia xorg.conf:
>> su -c 'nvidia-xconfig'
> Didn't need to do these either.

Maybe not, but it covers all bases, just in case. If he doesn't do
this and he can't load the module on a reboot, then we'll waste time
trying to find out why. Just doing it makes sure it'll work :-)


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