> I'm running Fedora 11 on an x86_64 Core 2 Quad Xeon and a Supermicro
> X7DWA-N motherboard.  I previously ran Fedora 10.
> Suspend mostly works for me, but when I wake back up, I can't make the
> network work.

I should mention that with the amount of RAM installed in my machine -
16 GB - suspend isn't really all that useful because of the amount of
time it takes to write the contents of memory to disk when suspending,
and to read it back in when waking up.  It takes just about as long as
it would to just do a shutdown and reboot.

The one situation I'd want to use shutdown instead is if I had a bunch
of windows open that I don't want to lose, and I need to leave the
machine for such a long time that I don't want to use all the

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