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Le 07/01/2010 15:17, Joonas Sarajärvi a écrit :
Fedora has never included fglrx (a.k.a. Catalyst), but it has usually
been available in 3rd party repositories, like RPM Fusion non-free.

AFAIK recent fglrx/Catalyst versions do not support any of the X1200
cards anymore.

Fedora 12's default driver should have hw opengl support and other
goodies for it, out of the box.

OK thanks for the info but running glxgears gives an averave of 200FPS,
is it the maximun ?

Another problem: X cannot resume after suspend. Is there a special
config to have suspend available with this default driver?

The FC12 drivers suck^H^H^H^Hhave problems. The solution is to use the vesa driver, which is much faster on my ATI machine (2xlaptops, 2xdesktops). Also doesn't crash. Old ATI has been desupported in the renamed fglrx drivers, and the stock and other driver available from rpmfusion work no better on my machines.

However, this should get you about 5x faster gears and most other things, and not crash. On the boot command line put:
  nomodeset vga=0x318 video=vesafb xdriver=vesa

The machine I ran the speed tests is down (in the library), but it was a huge speed difference. Try it, let us know if it gets you going.

Note: 2.6.32.x was even worse on my machines, the release kernel lost my Synaptics touch pad on both laptops. Search my bugs on bugzilla for more info, there are a bunch, as well as several dozen filed with

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